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Diverse and UNI-que

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The month of June is globally known as Pride month. A month dedicated to being proud of who you are, self-acceptance, and acceptance of diversity. This means respecting others and their ideas, even if you have other beliefs. Speaking of different ideas, what do you think of different ideas in the construction industry? Digitalization for construction workers, for example. marXact is all about digitalization. Our UNI-GR1 with a user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can start surveying digitally. We make this happen in our small, yet tight team of young professionals who know all the ins and outs of the digital world around us. In this blog, we explain how diverse, versatile, and UNI-que we truly are.

Who are you?

Young and determined, really. With an average age of 29, we are quite young. Okay, there are a few exceptions of 23 and 45, but that is exactly what makes us different from the competition. Where some are experienced in customer service, coding, or the development of an app, others recently finished school and are ready for the first step in their career. While competitors are more focused on experience, we embrace our youth, and look at things from a different perspective, which makes us different from the rest. Next to that, as you might have seen in March, we are trying to get more women to join our team. That is also something that is not yet that common in this business. Overall, we are happy to see that this is slowly changing, and already three women joined our team in the first quarter of the year.

Where do you come from?

Even though we are quite centrally based (read: Hilversum), we come from all parts of the country. Some of us live nearby in Hilversum or Amsterdam, others come from Utrecht and travel a little longer. Then there are also people who come from Alkmaar, Zeist, Veenendaal or Raamsdonkveer. Diversity runs through our veins. Not only do we come from all over the country, we come from all over the world. The development team partially consists of international employees from Bulgaria, India, Spain, and Turkey. We all bring our own qualities, expertise, and experience to work, which ensures that we learn something new from each other every day.

What are you learning?

A lot and fast is the answer. Believe it or not, even the owners of the company did not work in the GNSS industry before. CEO Tommy van der Heijden always worked in sales, while CTO Raoul van Ginkel worked as a software developer. We all have different backgrounds. From software engineering, to sales, and from marketing communications to IT. In a small and diverse team that depend on each other, it is evident that you will quickly learn from others. That is especially helpful for the interns who regularly join our team. Not only do they learn a lot from all the different departments, we get to stay up-to-date with their fresh knowledge. A win-win for all of us!

What do we offer (with our UNI-GR1?)

Something unique and universal: the UNI-GR1. Just as diverse as we are. The UNI-GR1 is a GNSS receiver like no other, because it is different from its competitors and that is OK. It is OK to be different and to take another path, because not everyone is the same, we are all unique individuals. The UNI is unique in its use and applicable to all your surveying work possible. Are you not yet familiar with the UNI-GR1? Then it might be helpful to know why you should survey digitally. Did you know that…

  • …there is not just one UNI-GR1 user? The UNI-GR1 is universal in its use. Our customer base consists of professionals from different fields such as construction workers, infrastructure, gardening workers, and civil engineers.
  • …your colleagues in the office have direct access to your surveyed work through the UNI-Cloud in the UNI-Complete package? This way, you will save money and time, while working more efficiently.
  • …the UNI-Complete package is competitively priced at €4,995 where you can count on centimeter accuracy and support service for all your surveying work? We strive to help you as quick and best possible
  • …the UNI-GR1 very user-friendly thanks to the easy to use software that lets you import and export your files to the format of your preference?
  • …there are even more reasons to survey digitally, which you can find on our website?

Is this something for you?

Perhaps a new job in the future. We are constantly looking for people to join our team. We are open to anyone who is willing to learn and work hard for it. Take a look at our website for all open vacancies, and who knows, maybe we will welcome you to our diverse, yet UNI-que team!

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