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1-year work anniversary Ishdeep & Jeroen

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May 1 is Labor Day in the Netherlands, and guess what, two colleagues started working at marXact last Saturday exactly one year ago. For this special occasion, we decided to do something different for them. So here is a short poem in which we show our appreciation. Will you leave some nice words for them as well?

On a cloudy day on the first of May, Ishdeep and Jeroen arrived on our driveway.
They’ve made their work here their own and they are ready for their next milestone.
There’s so much we could tell about how they are,
but we’ll spare you the details and not take it that far
They are at your service here and there. Ishdeep and Jeroen are available for questions anywhere.
Not only are they amazing at what they do, they happen to be fun coworkers too.


Ishdeep is the genius of marXact’s development,
joined the team a year ago with all his in India obtained talent
The one who enjoys his spicy food while making sure your UNI functions the way it should.
He knows all things the UNI can do, and if you don’t, he’s willing to teach it to you.
Just so you know he’s improving his Dutch day by day,
so that he can help us out in each and every way!
We are happy you came to work with us, learning from all your wisdom is just a giant plus!


And then there’s Jeroen our marketing guru,
who knows everything there is to know about you (us).
A birthday, anniversary or secret love affair, his interest in us and our product goes anywhere.
Interviews, blogs, and even TV shows, he’s behind all external communication flows.
And did you know about his love for tea, or the fact that he enjoys karaoke?
Not to forget, he’s the one with the loudest laugh who secretly dreams of becoming a marXact dev. (don’t let him hear that)

We are happy to have you guys here, so let’s celebrate this with a cheers to another year! Thank you guys for all the work and dedication, now it’s time for a real celebration!

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