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From studying to staying, Nicks story

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Our colleague Nick joined marXact exactly 1 year ago as a graduate intern. 366 days later, he has a permanent position within our Business Development team. How did he experience this year and what advice does he have for new colleagues?

Nick tells you all about it in his column.

Deep dive into digital surveying

When I first joined marXact, I immediately became part of the team. I’m sure you know that feeling too, maybe from joining a company, sports team, or club. I immediately took a deep dive into digital surveying and accompanied Mustafa to a order delivery, which means I saw both the UNI-GR1 and a customer on my first day. And during my second week? Well, I’ve barely seen the office and worked our stand at Infra Relatiedagen instead. That tells you all about working at marXact in particular, we do things thoroughly, differently, and no day is the same.

My first impressions were spot on! A young company, a growing start-up disrupting an old-fashioned industry, and a lot of technical knowledge within the team. After a year, I can safely say that we are all of those things. We know a lot about digital surveying and how to help others become familiar with it. During my internship, I did so by working at the Marketing Department and writing my thesis simultaneously.  Writing content, posting photos on our social media channels, and making sure marXact is present on the internet– these were all part of my tasks during my internship.

And now, some of them are still part of my job. I am responsible for our online advertising, still making sure we can be found on Google and new leads come in. When you call marXact and choose to be connected with Sales, I’m usually the one who picks up the phone. I’ll answer your questions and, if you like, can book a demo with Jürgen or Mustafa. I’m also in touch with international leads and work on transcending border-relations and requests, which coincides perfectly with my finished Entrepreneurship & Retail Management studies.

I had to get used to working at a start-up where everything is still in development. We release new features regularly, receive requests from new markets frequently, and on top of that – or maybe because of that – our company changes. We’re growing fast and not everything is set in stone just yet, especially compared to an organization that was founded years and years ago. But we’re doing just fine, it just takes a bit of imagination and willingness to perform tasks that are not part of your job description. And due to the knowledge I have gained over the last year, I’ve gotten used to that quickly.

My advice

I have two pieces of advice, for both new interns and new colleagues. I advice those who join us for an internship to show us that they have some affinity with our customer base and are willing to learn. Learn more not only about their field of education, but also about our products and how we support those who digital survey. You’ll have a lot of freedom and are able to work independently, with a mentor who is willing to help you master that specific skill you want to learn.

When you join our company as a full-time employee, please show us what you’re worth. Let us experience what you know, are capable of, and bring to the (lunch) table. I write this because you’ll directly contribute to our future and I can’t wait to see what that holds for us!

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