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Kristina works on your user experience!

  • 2 min read

New year, new resolutions, new… colleague! Kristina Parsehyan joined our team on the first work day of the year, so it’s safe to say 2021 is off to a great start! She is our new UI/UX Developer, which means her improvements to the user interface and user experience of our UNI-Cloud and website will benefit customers greatly.

Make surveying easier

Kristina: “ I am looking forward to working on features to make digital surveying more easy for all marXact customers. To have functions work better and more logically, even look better.

Luckily, I am experienced in working with men. It’s easy to do, specially when they’re as hardworking as my new colleagues. We will do our best for UNI-users together.”

Next level user experience

marXact CTO and co-founder Raoul van Ginkel: “From our very first designs and launches to where we are now, we’ve made some real progress. With Kristina joining our team, we’re taking user experience to the next level. And to be perfectly honest with you, it’s about time a woman joined marXact. That’s been our wish for quite some time and I’m extremely pleased Kristina is the very first. Plenty more to come!”

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