Jürgen joins the marXact team!

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We have ended our ‘Meet marXact Monday’ posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn last week. That would suggest we now have (re-)introduced you to all of our colleagues, but no! We are very happy to introduce you to Jürgen Everts, our brand-new Account Manager!

To make a point

Jürgen: “I’m really happy to be joining marXact. After working for more than 2 decades in finance, it’s exciting to be part of such a young and diverse team in a – for me- different field and with a new kind of audience. I will focus on getting familiar with the UNI-Solutions first, but can’t wait to be on the road to showing anyone how easy digital surveying actually is.” And to make a point (pun intended), he will do so with every new demo.

Create relationships

marXact CEO and Co-founder Tommy van der Heijden: “Jürgen brings a lot of sales experience to the table, although in another industry. But that’s more than okay, since our origin comes from another fields as well and that helps us support organizations from multiple angles. I am happy that he will join our ever-growing team, create new relationships and bring easy and affordable digital surveying closer to everyone out there.”


On behalf of all your new colleagues: welcome and good luck, Jürgen! We can’t wait for the cake on your birthday!

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