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Contractors, secure your future with GNSS!

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Imagine this: You drive up to the construction site, park your van, turn off the engine, and grab your gear before stepping onto the ground you’ll be spending the day on. Ready for action! And even immediate action, when you have prepared yourself well. Whether you’ll spend your day laying bricks, leveling the area, measuring cables, or survey data for a detailed quotation for an exciting new project – GNSS receivers help you work and prepare as precisely as possible. We’ll tell you how they do that.

Contractor with GNSS receiver UNI-GR1

What is GNSS?

Just like construction, it is important to lay a solid foundation for this blog. In this case, introducing GNSS to you. As we have written in our blog ‘What is GNSS?’, the letters ‘GNSS’ refer to a system of satellites that work together to provide signals from space. This satellite system provides self-determining geo-spatial positioning with global coverage and allows small electronic GNSS receivers, such as our UNI-GR1, to provide an accurate location.

Feet on the ground

As a construction professional, you must keep your feet on the ground and stay level-headed. Preparation and attention to detail at any given time are everything. Don’t hit your thumb with a hammer, trip over a tool that’s been left on the ground, or spill hot coffee on yourself during a break. You know that and we know you do, but preparation and attention to detail are so much more nowadays.

In these times where digitalization becomes part of our (work) life and electronical devices are introduced to reduce workload and increase accuracy, you cannot afford to not keep up anymore. One way of staying up to date, is by using GNSS generated data for both preparation and execution. By working with a receiver like the UNI-GR1, you can survey with centimetre accuracy, perfect for both detailed quotations and actual activities such as laying pipes. As long as your feet and the measuring pole are on the ground, the sky is the limit and centimetre accurate data is on the horizon.

Eyes to the sky

This is meant literally, because you can look up to the led ring of your UNI-GR1 regularly. The colour of the led ring indicates if you are actually levelled or if you have a FIX, the ring will turn green. A customer feature request we were more than happy to fulfil, because it works well for so many users.

Also, you will probably look up to check for obstacles onsite. For instance, if your view is blocked by tall buildings or large trees, they might block some of the signals to the UNI. This could lead to a less accurate result. But fear not! Repositioning the UNI or changing the mask angles can solve most of these issues. If not, there’s always UNI-Support!

Head in the cloud

After placing your feet steady on the ground and putting your eyes up to the sky, it is time to have your head in the cloud(s). With more and more effective ways to collect data digitally coming to the market, more data needs to be managed. Storing data can become increasingly difficult, the advances of using cloud storage data are looking more attractive than ever-before.

Storing data in the (UNI-)Cloud ensures that a back-up and unlimited access from any location you like. This is especially timesaving when your colleagues or partners view the surveyed information directly from the office. Working in the cloud allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously, offering possibilities to pursue new customers sooner. It even helps with the preparation we mentioned in the beginning of this blog, because freshly generated data can be used for detailed quotations immediately. Cloud-based storage also offers greater power resources than a local (desk)computer and utilizing these systems makes collaborating on projects much easier.

Heart for it

We believe many construction companies will, unfortunately, not last if they don’t adapt to these digital times. Yes, you have the heart for construction and your customers, but do you have the digital head for it? Can you separate head and heart in order to make the best decisions for your business and to meet your customer’s demands, or even before the customer becomes an actual client? We encourage you to explore new options and learn how becoming more digital elevates your line of work and prepares you for tomorrow’s world of construction.

Have a leg up – thanks to GNSS

Start digital surveying with the UNI-Complete package for detailed preparation and perfectly laid bricks, cables, pipes, and more. Put your feet on the ground and survey pole in your hand, look up to the UNI-GR1 in the sky and keep your head in the UNI-Cloud. Have a leg up on the competition, recognize that the future of construction starts now and with GNSS.

GNSS receiver UNI-GR1 in marXact case

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