Spotting the Big Five with Van Heteren

  • 2 min read

No, not the five well-known exotic animals in Africa, the other ones. The five GR1-UNI digital receivers Van Heteren currently are using. The first four were ordered in late 2019, the fifth one in May 2020. Time to hunt them down and discuss their findings.

Getting marXact in sight

“We first got marXact in sight on Google, when we went on the search for new GPS equipment. The UNI-GR1 works smoothly with our activities, mostly with measuring. We measure heights, sheet piles, and much more, this receiver helps us to simplify the process.”

Due to signals from multiple constellations, the Van Heteren professionals have no problem achieving centimeter accuracy.

Lending out to colleagues

“To us, the UNI-GR1 works very intuitively, it is easy to create a new project and make the necessary points. We want to provide that ease to all of our contractors, by giving each one of them their own receiver. That’s why we’ve chosen to order another one, so we can be at full productivity at all times.”

Feedback from the field

marXact CEO and co-founder Tommy van der Heijden: “What marks our relationship to me, is that we are both willing to improve. Their hydraulic engineering guys, who are out in the field with our UNI daily, have given feedback regularly. Our team was able to add features shortly after their requests, which made our equipment better and relationship stronger. Besides that, Van Heteren has ordered extra RTK subscriptions, which they use with their older equipment. We are just more than happy to support them, with our and other equipment. With this Big Five, and beyond!”

Van Heterens advice for the first time

“Before you start working with it for the first time, pay attention to the given instructions. You’ll almost certainly can work on your own from that moment on.”