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Second UNI-GR1 for STRABAG Nederland

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Just a few weeks ago, our colleague Tommy delivered a second UNI-GR1 to STRABAG Nederland. With their first marXact GNSS receiver bought just a year ago, this road construction company quickly recognized the possibilities of digital surveying. We’ve asked Sander Lendemeijer, main performer at Strabag, about choosing a second receiver and what advice he has for first-time digital surveyors.

Drawing the first line

“One of my colleagues saw marXact at a fair, brought home a business card and that took a detour before ending up on my desk. We used a different survey pole at a project in Eindhoven, but I wanted something different. A more cost-effective pole with which our guys in the field can carry out simple tasks, sign up, and store digitally. I drew the first lines for the first sale myself, so that I was sure that the UNI offers exactly what we need.”

Pictured: Lars Koumans (left) and Sander Lendemeijer (right), both main performer at STRABAG Nederland

Restoring points

“We mainly use the receiver for surveying work on, for example, house connections, gullies, and well edges. Then it is useful that restoring points is very easy, you do not really have to search to see where you have left off.”

“In the future, we want to use the UNI to make quotations, because you can see where you are going to work in advance. ”

Contact for advice and support

“We have an excellent relationship with Sander, with STRABAG Nederland in general“, says marXact CEO and co-founder Tommy van der Heijden. “We don’t always have the same amount of contact, that’s because these guys can work independently with our equipment. That contact came back when they decided to go for a second UNI-GR1 and I came to visit for training new users. Fortunately, STRABAG knows that we are always here for advice and support! ”

Sanders advice for the first time

“Make sure you are well prepared: that there is a good connection between tablet and UNI and that you have already created all the necessary attributes and layers.”

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