Resellers in Mexico & Suriname

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marXact is currently looking to grow our network of dealers and resellers around the globe. We already have partners in many countries. Recently we added Suriname and Mexico to the list. In case you are looking to be connected to a local dealer in your country, please reach out to us through our contact form on the website!

UNI-GR1 in Suriname


Good news! We will distribute the UNI-GR1 in South America through our partner Dentinus International from Suriname. Dentinus International is active in secondment, training and subcontracting. Dentinus themselves, also uses our UNI-GR1 in Suriname.

Mexico UNI-GR1


We, marXact, are proud to mention that from now we have an official reseller in Mexico. Survey+ sells everything you need related to GNSS systems and software. Good to have another reseller as partner.

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