Demo Drinks – August 30: Great succes!

  • 2 min read

UNI-GR1 Demo Drinks

Our second demo drinks on August 30 was a great success! In fact, the number of visitors had doubled compared to last time and we want to continue that flow!

We succeeded in satisfying the participants and exciting them with the new UNI-Connect survey tool. We managed to attract the interests of visitors in a fun and participating way which generated not only compliments, but also good feedback.

For us it was a great experience and opportunity to demonstrate our product. The positive reactions of our guests, the growth in the number of visitors and the conviviality of the crowd are our reasons for repeating the demo drinks.
That is why we want to announce that the next demo drinks will take place on October 25!

This time too, the demo drinks will take place at our head office in Hilversum, but at a new location. We are moving, which makes the next edition even more special!

We will keep you informed of the developments during the demo drinks and you get the opportunity to test the product and measure points independently. You will have the chance to get all your questions answered and of course, if you are convinced, we will prepare the device, set up the UNI for you and you can take it home.

So, come and join us in our fun but certainly educational demo drinks. This is an opportunity to get to know us and the product, to expand your knowledge of GNSS, to network with others who are interested in GNSS or simply to have a nice experience!

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