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Van Gogh Amsterdam & marXact connected

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Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Connected with Cocon FieldWork and UNI-GR1

Last Friday we have put the new way of measuring in to practice, simple and fast at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. To prepare the van Gogh museum for the digital future, new glass fibre internet connections have been laid and directly measured with the measuring of the future; the UNI-GR1 connected to Cocon FieldWork, without exporting any mapping or surveying data!

With one simple click in Speer IT’s Cocon you’ll get a real life overview of your glass fibre network in to the tiniest detail. Here any physical and non-physical elements are logically connected and geographically displayed. Cocon shows you the current and future situation of the network and supports the full process, from planning to complete documentation. Works, outages, construction cost and network capacity are shown with lightning speed on your screen.

And not just at the office, with CoconTheWeb you carry that whole network with you on any device with a browser. Already many workers in the field are walking around with an iPad or another tablet carrying all this glass fibre data and by connecting it to the UNI-GR1 you can now amend this data live based on the centimetre accurate location in put of the UNI-GR1!

When BAM Infra connected the van Gogh museum, the whole glass fibre network was designed in Cocon, laid out while using Cocon, the laid network measured in Cocon and finally delivered in Cocon. The geographical data of the network remained in one place throughout the whole process, was optimised, amended and measured with open ground with the connection with the UNI-GR1. No data export, no data import and measured with open ground while the work was carried out!

SpeerIt Speer IT van Gogh Amsterdam BAM Infra Eurofiber API Cloud marXact UNI-Cloud UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5 GIS BIM CLOUD Telecom

With the real-time data connection, the price point of the UNI-GR1 and the ease of which you can measure within Cocon, any crew can measure it’s own work while making data import and data export a thing of the past!

What all of this means has been put in to practice and shot in image last Friday of which we can give a small preview in this newsletter. Keep an eye out on our website for more information on this use case and please do contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company!

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