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During Intergeo 2018, one of the founders, Tommy van der Heijden, was interviewed by Geospatialworld on the introduction of the UNI-GR1 and it’s capabilities.

As explained during the interview with Geospatialworld, the UNI-GR1 and the UNI-Cloud can make your company more efficient, making it possible to integrate a CM accurate GNSS location in to your own software environment. By integrating the CM accurate location of the UNI in to your own software, the possibilities will become limitless.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing more news on UNI-Cloud based software connections such as with Cocon, Infrakit & mapitGIS. Since we are always working hard to connect the UNI-Cloud and the UNI-GR1 to as many software as possible.

More news on our field tests with the UNI-GR1 connected to Carlson SurvPC, ESRI ArcGIS Data Collector, MicroSurvey Fieldgenius, Tadaris Arpengo,  and many more will follow in the next weeks. Along with an update on production; which will be up to speed with the huge demand starting Q1 2019!

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